Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello world!

I have been gone for a while, where have I been, well for those who follow my blog will know we have returned to England from Portugal.  After several difficult years there we made the decision to return.  So many times I have wanted to blog it but there never seemed enough time or I didnt know where to start.

So where to start, well am I glad to be back?  Oh god yes, so happy to be 'home', it is strange at times and has taken us a little while to adjust, well we still are!  The first few days especially felt like we were here for the first time ever!  I felt like an alien in a new world trying to figure out these new ways of doing things and the differences in people's ways and manners.  It is like a whole different world for where we were in Portugal, everything seems different and generally better and busier!!  Much busier than what we have been used to, something which I think has taken our children most to adjust to.  But the increased choice and movement in life is refreshing.  I love to see the countryside, the trees, fields and streams that I so missed.

Do I think of Portugal?  Of course, but quickly remember the reality that we lived and put my mind firmly looking forward to creating a new life here.  Life is faster and more active, but that's good as life was too slow there, the weather was good but I enjoy the more variety here, too much sun can become boring!  I am glad in many ways we have moved to another area, to give us a completely fresh start, instead of trying to step back into a 'past' life.  We are finding new things and places and its great.  We left england when our daughter was barely 2 and half years old and therefore didnt really get to experience a 'family' life here but now we are back with older children and a new baby on the way, our perspective is very different and the area we are in is great with so many things to do.

So we are on a new path, a better path.  Its not easy but it is easier!


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  2. I see unflattering comments are removed immediately. That shows just how silly and self absorbed this blogger is.

  3. No I removed your comments, as much as everyone is entitled to their opinions, I do not feel it is necessary to be so negative. This is my blog and what I choose to put on it is exactly my choice. And what I let people comment is also, my choice.

    Why don't you show us who you are instead of hiding behind your anonymity, but again that is your choice. If you don't have anything which is not negative to say, please go find someone else's blog to comment on.

  4. Like any 'author'(!) you should be prepared for all negative criticism. I do not have to reveal myself as I am not the person displaying my life to the public. If your life was so difficult in Portugal then why did you have another child when you already have two? Did you come back to the UK as the benefits were better? I only came across this blog as I was searching for information about living in Portugal (as an expat) and will comment no further. Louise.

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